It will keep you up at night, keep your blood pressure up, and keep you in a funky mood.

You don’t know what to do.

You probably don’t have a plan.

You can’t think straight.

Well, in your mind, that debt probably looks a lot like the photo below.


It was playing golf Saturday, on a hole called the “Knob”.

Now , I hate to admit it, but I’m not a real good golfer.

I don’t make time to play on a regular basis.

In this picture up on the green is my son, David.

I just have to chip the ball up to him and stop it on a dime.

The pin is on the edge of the green closest to me.

Once it lands, the slope of the green makes the ball run off in several directions.

When I had this shot I wondered how I would do it.

How do you do it ? The same way you need to do it  with a ton of debt–use the right tools and just chip away.

My shot worked out.

The tool I used was a 56 degree wedge.

Your debt also will work out.

What tool will you use?

Use the right one and it will work out !

I promise !