Hi Folks !

I told you I’d catch up on some more books you might want to add to your reading list.

Below are a few more books I completed since my last “nightstand” update.

1) Oh the Places You Will Go-Dr Seuss-The good Doctor wrote this just before his death. He wanted to offer advice on life. It was his lifetime of wisdom that he wanted to be the perfect fit for children or adults as they started a new chapter of their lives. Traditional Dr. Seuss style but “adult” advice for darn near anyone.

2) Wild at Heart-John Eldredge-Explore the spiritual journey and the right of passage of young men and Dad’s dealing with this passage. If this spiritual passage isn’t experienced at a young age, challenges will have to be dealt with. John Eldredge has a special gift in speaking to men in an unique fashion.

3) The Five People You Meet in Heaven-Mitch Albom-I have followed Mitch since he was the new kid in ths sports department at the local newspaper (remember those ?) to an author tackling social and spiritual issues. If you like Mitch, grab this one. If you don’t know Mitch, it’s time you did !

4) Becoming a Category of One-Joe Calloway-Joe shows how to make your business unique and how that leads to greater profits. This book is full of stories and examples to help you on your journey.

5) Scriptures & Meditations For Your Best Life Now-Joel Osteen-If you enjoyed Your Best Life, you’ll love this. Joel gives fantastic examples on how to take action and apply his teachings each and every day. I may like this better than the original book !

6) Aspire-Kevin Hall-a classic! Kevin is a wordsmith explaining what words words mean and introduces new powerful words you probably don’t already know that could be a BIG help to you. This is a book to study after you have read it. I have read it but continue to study Kevin’s advice.

These are some powerful books. I hope you’ll find some that speak to you.

We’ll discuss the 6 or 7 that I am reading that are on the nightstand right now.

Many thanks to Vic Johnson, years ago, for reinforcing the habit of reading many books at the same time.

Love it !