I sure hear this daily especially as it relates to anything political.

Most believe big media is bought and paid for.

The bigger the media outlet the bigger the cost.

Payment can be over the table under the table or threats of revealing old skeletons thought to be buried forever in some remote closet.

Reporters follow marching orders from above and have forgotten long ago about how to grow a pair.

This turns my stomach on a very frequent basis.Frankenmuth 2012 040

For small business to grab a headline is almost impossible even on a slow news day.

So how does a small business grab a headline or two?

Here are seven ways you might try:

1) Network,network, network. You never know who you know that works in media and for free or for a paid article will feature you , your product or your service.

2) Social media- this is pretty unregulated and the politicians haven’t ruined it-yet. It is International. I do a bunch of work outside the USA. Without social media, this would never happen.

3) Write a book-be known as an expert in your field. I do some private coaching in this area and there are tons of people and services that have affordable group book writing programs. The business card of today is a book. E-books are fun and fast. You need a book !

4) Hire out- PR firms, advertising agencies, coaches like myself are out there. Get some help if your word is not getting to the places it needs to.

5)  Never get in the box- forget think out of the box. Refuse to do what everyone else is doing. Be truly unique. People will notice you.

6) Sponsor a charity event. Focus on the charity event, work your ass off and you will help a bunch of people. I always believe what goes around comes around.

7) Solve a big problem- People want solutions. When your product or service takes away a pain, and it is a big pain, people will notice. You still need to market especially when positive  momentum is flowing but if you are reducing pain in a big way–the media will find you !