Finally, I went digging and sorting to let you know what is in the stack of partially read books. Some are just started and others are darn near completed.

The only nightstand we have is on my side of the bed. If it wasn’t for the lamp, I could squeeze in a  few more books !

I always have four to five  books there but this stack may be a record for me.

Here we go !

Better get your coffee, Coke or adult beverage as this will take awhile.

1) I Declare-Joel Osteen- Thirty–one declarations to make to improve your life.  One a day to get you on your way ! (like it !)

2) Severe Clear-Stuart Woods-Just for fun! Stone Barrington, may be my alter ego !

3) It’s Not About You-John David Mann- Fictional story that helps train you in important people and sales skills. John does a nice job in telling a useful story.

4) Beautiful Outlaw-John Eldredge-Most of you know I am a John Eldredge fan. I’m just getting started on this but the subtitle is: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus. Definitely waiting to see what all this is about !

5) Lesson My Dad Taught Me–Pete Lillo-I had a chance to spend some time with Pete last month and he passed a copy of this book to me. Pete says Dad shaped ninety percent of his views on life and business and he wanted to share the formula that worked for him.

6) All By My Selves-Jeff Dunham-Love Jeff and his humor. It was interesting reading what he had to do to follow his dreams. Humor as you read the facts. Very interesting !

7) The Hour a Day Entrepreneur-Henry Evans (no relation that I know of !) I knew of the four hour work week and said-what the heck, I can work one more hour ! Just starting this. So far, so good !

8) People are Idiots and I can Prove it-Larry Winget-My first taste of Larry’s in your face style. Jury is out so far. Unique approach for sure !

9) I Am-Dr. Wayne Dyer-Simple life lesson for everyone, especially our little ones. Neat idea and approach.

10) The Ragmuffin Gospel-Brennan Manning-A “how to” apply God’s grace in our daily lives. I was disappointed in the writing style early on, but as I get deeper in the book it is improving. Uncertain if I will read another by Brennan. If I do-recommendations ?

11) Live Big-Josh Hindes-Josh is a colleague of mine in the personal development field and has been a great guest on my radio show. His story and the adversity he faced is a motivating story for all. Be sure you check this one out if you are struggling in any way.

12) The Birth Order Book-Dr. Kevin Leman-My mouth often hangs open as I read this . I see within my own family how true personalties seem to fit the normal patterns. I have used birth order in some of the sales training and customer service work in the training I do. I believe in the patterns-absolutely !

13) The Time Keeper-Mitch Albom-Mitch is a favorite of mine and I have only taken a sneak peek or two but I can’t wait to dig in !


Well a baker’s dozen-wow !! My five or six book rule has been broken for sure !! Too much good stuff to read and most of all apply !!!


I’m working on applying a bunch of the applications, how about you ??


Let me know your thoughts !