How often have we had a “to do” list a mile long ?

How often have we been busy all day long and yet feel we accomplished nothing ?

How often do we realize at the end of the day that what we worked on isn’t bringing us closer to our goals or dreams?

Brian Tracy in “Eat That Frog” tells us to look at our tasks and challenges as a bunch of frogs. He then advises to eat the biggest, ugliest frog as we start our day so things have to get better.

This is a great advice and I have been following it for years.

An ugly frog sat next to my phone for years to remind me to eat my ugly frogs. One day my frog mysteriously disappeared . Maybe because the lesson had been learned.

I continue to teach this principle as I coach people .

Sometimes the frog reference confuses them.

Last night I came up with another example that may help.

I was taking the trash out after Chop Chop Lawn Care had completed our Spring yard clean up. There were three big bags of yard waste to be recycled.

A couple were PDH (pretty damn heavy). I had three bags to tackle . One about 75 pounds, another about 55 pounds and a third weighing about 30 pounds.

I had to decide how to get these to the curb. I actually paused for just a second to develop a game plan. I decided to tackle the beast first, the 55 pounder next and the easy 30 pounder last.

This only made sense to me. I knew when grunting the first bag it was only going to get better.

After moving all three bags I thought of the frog lesson I have shared so many times and sure thought this fit just as well.

Tackle the ugly frog, the heavy trash bag, the call you don’t want to make first and know the day has to get better.

Kick procrastination in the butt and eat the frog !