2010 is almost history. There still is a little time for big things but ya better hurry.

I always like to review the entire past year about now.

What did I accomplish. How many goals really happened. If I missed a goal, why ?? Or, how close did I come to achieving that goal.

If I missed the goal, was it a good one but I put the wrong date on it and it should be a goal once again for next year or did I have a shift in my life and it’s time to let the goal go all together ?

Equally important is seeing what goals you did not accomplish. The “why” you didn’t accomplish has to be reflected on and understood.

If you didn’t make the progress the wanted, consider getting help. Hire a coach, join a goals program (Vic Johnson has a great one at http://www.goals2go.com) or enlist an accountability partner.

Regardless of what direction you choose –DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT in 2011 !