Wow !

The emails have been flowing in asking me what I have been reading.

I thought I had updated this just a couple of month’s ago (what I try for) and  I see it’s been since

May !

Boy, time flies !

Here then is a long and long overdue update. Write me if you need to know more about any of these books.

These books that were on the nightstand when I last updated.

1) Positioning -Jack Trout–A marketing classic that was very informative but a pretty heavy read. Good base knowledge for any marketers out there.

2) The Compound Effect-Darren Hardy-I had to pull this guy off the bookshelf just to be sure I did it justice. It was right beneath my Mark Messier action figure I use as a paperweight ! I knew Darren from Success magazine but this was his first book I read. It’s a GREAT book for overall success advice and principles. It takes things you have heard before, rewords them in an unique way and gives you some action steps in case you are stuck or undecided on which direction to head in. This book is slotted in my top 25 books ever and may break the top 16 when I update my list. Top 16, hmm, not sure.Top 25 , no doubt !

3) The Charge-Brendon Burchard-This was a hot, hot book when I bought it. Topped the charts for awhile. It focuses in on the top 1o human drives that makes us tick. Kinda charged me up when reading but didn’t keep me excited for a long time after I wrapped it up.

4) Starting Your Best Life Now-Joel Osteen-Paster Osteen always challenges my spiritual side and has a calming effect. It gets your head screwed on straight and refocuses your efforts. Enjoyed this.

I also jumped into and read several more books.

We’ll save those for another post-soon I promise.

Then we’ll get back to the stack on the nightstand !