Time for an update of this popular blog feature.

Since the last update, I finished reading:

1) Awake the Giant Within-Tony Robbins

As I reported last time, I had read many bits and pieces many times but never cover to cover. Now I have ! This is a must read for all. I am still reflecting and working on some of the exercises Tony works you through so, read it  but it’s not ready for the bookshelf quite yet.

2) The Mentor Leader- Tony Dungy– If you lead others in any capacity, don’t miss this.

3) The Millionaire Messenger-Brendon Burchard

Brendon tells you how to market and monitize ANY expertise you have and you all have SOMETHING you know to offer the world. If you need help finding what this is, I’ll help you find it !

4) Make Today Count-John Maxwell

Another classic by Dr Maxwell. If somehow you haven’t read any John Maxwell books, read one now ! This would be a good place to start. Dr Maxwell show you how your daily agenda controls all outcomes in your life and why !


In addition to this old stack on my nightstand, I found two new books and devoured them.

1) Think and Grow Rich: The Lost Secret-Vic Johnson

My friend Vic Johnson has done it again. Vic has taken the classic Think and Grow Rich and translated the advice and shows you how to apply to everyday life. This is a great “how to” with plenty of suggestions. It is about a 80 page e-book that I read cover to cover in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down.

2) Leave No Doubt- Mike Babcock

As a hockey nut and a HUGE Red Wing fan, I know Coach Babcock knows what success is and how to find it. I have heard many, many press conferences and have LOVED how the Coach always tosses in lessons on life while recapping hockey games. I told my wife Mary Ann years ago that I wish he would write a book because I knew it would be powerful and it is !!! I wrapped it up early this morning on the front porch. It is excellent ! I love the Coach’s wording on many universal principles we all have been taught. This will have a special spot on my bookcase.


So Doug, what is left?

I have about 20 unread books laying around but here is what is next.


1) Positioning – Jack Trout

A marketing classic that is about half read. Deep insight into the world of marketing.

2) The Compound Effect- Darren Hardy

A how to jump start your life, your income and success. I’ll be starting this soon.

3) The Charge-Brendon Burchard

This was just releases and arrived in yesterday’s mail. It is billed as book to activate the 10 human drives that make you fell alive. This is a hot new release !

3) Starting Your Best Life Now- Joel Osteen

This is a guide Joel developed to help with any stage in your life based on his best seller Your Best Life Now. Just starting but sounds fantastic.

That’s all I have to report and recommend .

Turn in your book reports next Friday and the test is June 15th OR how you apply all you learn in these books.

Reading is knowledge and becoming a lost art.

Don’t get lost with the masses–that’s not you !!!