Annabelle, our pet Corgi, became philosophical over the weekend.

You can tell. Just look at that face! (photo below)

She was just reading that 76 % of workers save nothing from their paychecks.

Zero, Zip.

Businesses are no better. If there is ever extra money,they go out and buy more goodies or the owner takes “a little extra” home.

75 % of Americans could not pay their bills if their income stopped for 6 months or more.

We know that even with unemployment pay this situation doesn’t improve much.

There is no unemployment plan for crappy to no business.

Business owners need to plan even more.

Do you have a plan ?

Experts suggest people and businesses should save 10 % of their earnings.

Annabelle in her 21 pounds of wisdom, doubts this is happening.

Smart puppy !

You need a plan people !

Like Annabelle, if you start today, I’ll give you a treat !