Things are crazy at the Evans house. A lot of family gatherings, way, way too many funerals, Christmas shopping, decorations outside and inside , year end planning, year opportunities,  spending time to see what worked, what didn’t in 2011, doing a little dreaming and goal setting for 2012.

I put all that in one sentence because to me it feels it is all attached and happening at the same time.

What is your month looking like ?

What December challenges are you facing ?

Do you set goals or just make resolutions ?

An active part of my coaching is goal setting so I know folks operate in many, many ways. Some effective,  some not.

I’d love to hear from many of you and what you struggle with this time of year.

Although you may feel it is unique to you, I know it isn’t.

Please chime in and we’ll let everyone know that you aren’t all alone out there .

Let’s support one another and let me know if I can help you.

We’re in this together !